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Immerse yourself in the gaming world with our game console that includes PS4 Emulator, Xbox Emulator and Nintendo Switch right on your PC
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We're a Emulators Planet

Our goal is to provide users with the ability to play classic and retro games from various game consoles such as Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation on your personal computers.

The emulator can support various features such as saving progress, setting graphics and sound settings, using controllers, etc. You can ensure that you can customize the game settings according to your personal preferences to ensure the most comfortable game play.

In addition, our emulator can provide a user interface that allows you to easily select games, configure controllers, and make other customizations. Also, before working, you can take advantage of the emulator tutorial to fully understand all the functionality.

Three simple steps to get started

We've created a simple pre-start guide for you to help you take your first steps
Step 1

Account connect

Connect your PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo accounts to get started. Once connected, your emulator profile will show all the games you can start playing

Step 1
Step 2
Step 2

Download games

Download all the games you need from your libraries. This is necessary to get all the game data so that you can run the game

Step 3

Enjoy the gameplay

Enjoy the gameplay, change the graphics settings and customize the controls to your liking. Customize process autosave, hotkeys and more

Step 3

Navigation Description


Emulator Home Page. Here you can choose the platform for the game.

Game Catalog

A list of your added games from the libraries.

Popular Games

A selection of popular games as rated by players.

System Settings

Customize priority, RAM usage, hotkeys, controls and more.

Graphic Settings

Expansion settings and overall image graphics.


Track your stats as well as your friends' stats in games.


Reasons, why should choose us

Modern Design

The emulator has a stylish and up-to-date design that is in line with the latest trends and provides the user with a pleasant visual experience.

Easy to Use

All features and functions are available in a few simple steps, making it easy to use even for new users.

Gamepad Support

Gamepad connectivity support allows you to control the game with a gamepad and get more precise and convenient control.


One of the main goals of optimization is to ensure smooth and fast application performance without lags and performance issues..

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